It is very sad how some people decide to purchase sildenafil medication and take them on their own and in their own way. Some of the intake mistakes made include:
1. Taking more than one drug a day or when needed like the general prescription makes clear. This is drug abuse and should not be welcomed in any way. It is funny how some people do not even know or understand the worth that this world has to offer. For your very own good, make sure you just take one pill some 30 minutes or 1 hour before the time you plan to initiate sexual intercourse. If you will not have sex today, do not just take it for the fun of it and be walking about in search of someone to have sex with. Doing that will attract to you so many health problems and STDs which you just do not want to get entangled with.
2. Taking medications after eating high fatty rich foods. If you have taken other ED drugs that have worked for you after intake of high fat foods, then you are wrong with sildenafil. When you take too much fatty foods some hours before you take this medication, the probability it will work for you is very low and that is what you must understand always.
3. Taking huge amounts of alcohol and after or before taking these meds. When you decide to take alcohol in amounts that are very huge, you realize that the drug is unable to work like it should. Some people take high amounts of alcohol and after that take sildenafil medications only to hate the drug for not working for them. There is the need for you to be disciplined.
4. Taking the medication and immediately expecting an erection without any arousal sexually. There is no magic that comes with taking sildenafil medications. After you have taken it for some minutes, you need to have some form of sexual experience initiated for stimulation before you can achieve erections. Yes. It is that simple.

Can sildenafil medication prescriptions go wrong?

It has happened so many times that sildenafil medication prescriptions have gone wrong for some people. That doesn’t mean however that, it will go wrong for you. this been said however, you need to make sure you are well prepared to ensure that when you take the medication for a maximum of 5 days and you still see no results, you stop and go back to your doctor. This is why doctor visits and diagnosis are very important. When the doctor is the one who makes the mistake, it becomes very easy to correct it. However, when you do correcting it becomes a huge problem.

Will medication intake vary from one person to the other?

Since sildenafil medication doses come in different versions, you will find out that doses can always differ. However, that is not the same with the intake. Generally, sildenafil citrate whether generic or original come with the same method of intake and that is what should be followed if you want to have the best experience with the drug purchased.


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