The confusion about sildenafil and sildenafil generic is almost an unending one. The fact is that there is no major difference between the two. It is like trying to find out something that was not there in the very first place.

What is sildenafil generic?

Sildenafil generic is the main functioning ingredient present in Viagra generic pills. As I said earlier, there is no much contrast that can be identified between this type of sildenafil and the original one. The much concern and doubt related to sildenafil generic arises due to uncertainty in the production process. Since any company with the right production knowhow and equipment can successful produce generic sildenafil pills, what is the assurance that the percentage will be in the right proportions? For example, you may find that Pfizer’s Viagra pills contain about 99% of sildenafil. On the other hand, you may find that another sildenafil generic company produces Viagra pills containing about 50% of the active sildenafil. In such a case, although the pills containing 99% will be more expensive, they will prove more effective in the end compared to the other described ones.

Is sildenafil generic safe when used as a cure for ED

Users need not to worry about the safety of sildenafil citrate generic pills. Much the same will be felt by users of generic or non-generic sildenafil. All it needs is that users be ensured of the right concentrations in the ingested pills. It would make little sense if you are to be sold cheap but lowly concentrated generic sildenafil citrate drugs. The best thing is that there are many online pharmacies offering sildenafil generic pills. Therefore, it is easy to compare the type of pills being offered and the prices they are being sold at.

Effects and side effects of sildenafil generic

Below are some of the things users should expect after ingestion of sildenafil generic. As you are bound to find out, most of them can be expected from original sildenafil too.

  • Users should expect to gain an erection after about 30 minutes. For this reason, it is only required that users aiming to treat ED be the ones to take sildenafil generic doses.
  • For about 5 hours after ingestion, the general effects will be felt. After that, most of the residuals will be cleaned off the body system, largely through feaces.
  • Users may experience headaches. This has been mostly reported by many users of generic sildenafil. Users should not take it as a cause of alarm therefore.
  • Other than headaches, other differing effects have been reported. Most of them differ from person to person. They include running noses, muscle pains and slight loss of hearing ability.
  • Whatever springs up after the intake of this chemical is manageable. The only main requirement is that users ensure they have bought the actual pills and have used them according to provided prescriptions. It is also not a good idea to take the exactly same dosage a friend is taking just on the basis of the fact that it is working for them.


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