I need not repeat that Viagra has established it place as the best ED medication we have right now. When making such a bold statement, there is something many people fail to include. The fact that sildenafil is only successful in treating EDs in men. With some writers, they assume that that fact is well known. For others, they just have never considered the sildenafil for women case.

Is sildenafil for women available in the market?

To answer this question, I will briefly explain how sildenafil works. Sildenafil acts by bring about a larger volume of flowing blood into and out of penile muscles. It also acts by inhibiting a certain enzyme responsible for termination of erections. That simply, it is clear to see why sildenafil for women might not be a very good experiment to conduct. Below are some of the reasons why sildenafil for women is not and will not be available in the market for any time soon.

  • Sildenafil was introduced as an impotence cure for men.
  • Sildenafil focuses on the erectile muscles of a man’s penis. If it was to be taken by a female, more of its negative effects and no positive effects will be achieved.
  • The physiological appearance of a man is completely different from that of a woman as long as sexual organs are concerned.
  • Women largely depend on their psychological conditions to be in the mood to have sex. Sildenafil doesn’t target the brain in any way.
  • As you may already know, there are no much physical limitations for a woman to have sex like it is in a man.
  • Other than sildenafil citrate for female, other options exist. For examples, affected females can make use of sex toys. It should also be made to their spouses to understand that longer periods of foreplay and talk therapies will produce better results than any form of sildenafil in women.
  • Sildenafil citrate women options have failed in the past. The ones which are available come in herbal forms, and of course do not contain sildenafil.

What about the many sildenafil for women options on the internet

You will be surprised by the higher number of options returned if you are to search for sildenafil for women online. Well, what if someone was to tell you that almost only about a quarter of the information you are to access online is false? The fact is that it has become easy to create a website these days. Anyone can create a website and claim to be offering you quality sildenafil for women.

You will need to be extra careful with this option. Remember that the products you are being sold have not been sufficiently tested in scientific labs. It will be purely on you, if adverse health effects are to be experienced. To avoid all these, it is better that you get to talk to your doctor or therapist. Most of ED conditions associated with women are as a result of troubled minds or discomfort.


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