Patients looking for a remedy to treat erectile dysfunctions get to encounter a lot of proposed options. Sometimes, it even gets to a point of it being suggested that such patients make use of dangerous injections. If it doesn’t get to that, it may be suggested to such patients that they use some untested chemicals like plant extracts and such. It doesn’t need to get to such levels. ED patients need only to read about the whole truth as to how sildenafil citrate brings about an erection. Since the whole process is scientific, it can only be hoped that patients will see the sense and develop the confidence in using sildenafil citrate tablets.

How does sildenafil citrate work and after how long?

Sildenafil citrate is a chemical substance. This basically means that it works by interfering with certain normal body functions. It is grouped under chemicals known as inhibitors. When ingested, sildenafil citrate gets absorbed into the blood system. It brings about a relaxing effect to the walls of the blood system. This means that more blood will get to pass through the widened blood vessels. In the end, more blood is transported to all and especially the penile muscles thus leading to an erection.

I also mentioned something about sildenafil citrate being an inhibitor. What happens after an ejaculation is that a certain enzyme is transported to the penile muscles to stop an erection. When sildenafil is taken, the production of this enzyme is inhibited. This leads to a longer maintained erection.

How to effectively and safely take sildenafil citrate

Sildenafil citrate comes embedded in the popular Viagra pills. Basically, all that you are paying for when buying Viagra is for this chemical. There may be some added costs for the flavors but p much of the cost is determined by the portion of sildenafil available. Below are the guidelines to taking m sildenafil citrate tablets safely.

  • Only take this substance in form of pills. That is; buy it in form of Viagra pills that have already been processed and manufactured by a licensed company.
  • The pills are only to be taken after 24 hrs. have elapsed since a previous dosage.
  • Ensure to take the pills only in the attempt to deal with erectile dysfunctions. Additionally, it is a bad idea to take the pills with no prospects of sex.
  • The pills reach maximum effects in a period of about 30 minutes. However, it needs that users be psychologically prepared for sex.
  • Sildenafil doesn’t interact well with alcohol. Other than not just interacting with alcohol, heavy drinkers have been known to make poor judgements as long the effects and side effects of sildenafil are concerned.
  • It is always advised that patients get to talk to their doctors before developing a schedule to be using sildenafil. The fact is that there is a wide range of disease and health conditions that do not react well with sildenafil intake. Age has also been realized to be a major determinant on how sildenafil affects different users. The basic thing to remember is that sildenafil should not be used without the right information and guidance on its use.


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