USA is one of the countries that over the counter sildenafil is not accessible. It is illegal, at least as long as it has not been announced otherwise. The good thing is that if sildenafil citrate over the counter USA is to be legalized, it will be a much safer and affordable method to access sildenafil tablets.

How can I access sildenafil citrate over the counter USA?

It is not possible to walk into a pharmacy and order sildenafil like you would with a normal painkiller. These measures have been input to keep out users intending to abuse the tablets. The best open option is to order sildenafil citrate over the counter USA from another country. For example, over the counter sildenafil citrate is accessible in many leading sildenafil producing nations. Users can access the tablets in India, Mexico, UK or even in Canada. Still, you will have to be very careful not to cross the OTC sildenafil citrate into the USA borders. You may be arrested for it.

Why is sildenafil citrate over the counter USA not accessible?

Before any drug is officially announced as OTC, it must pass through a couple of tests.

  • Sufficient research findings must be presented. The findings should successfully prove that the drug can be taken without a prescription to no harmful ends.
  • The case with sildenafil is a bit crucial. This is due to the fact that there exists a list of conditions and diseases that could have lethal consequences if sildenafil was to be taken.
  • The other drugs used to treat the same condition to be treated by sildenafil citrate over the counter USA have not proved the prescription requirement unnecessary. If it happened that the generic versions of sildenafil required no prescription, chances would be high that sildenafil too would.
  • FDA has not yet found it convincing pull out the prescription requirement for sildenafil. If it happened that FDA found the requirement unnecessary, it would move on to petition for sildenafil citrate over the counter USA.

When will sildenafil citrate over the counter USA be available?

It is hard to point out a single date when sildenafil citrate over the counter USA will be available. However, the moment one of the conditions described in the above paragraph are satisfied, OTC sildenafil will be available in USA.

Users of over the counter sildenafil based in US can only hope to access this option abroad. There have been several attempts to offer sildenafil without the requirement for a prescription. In one attempt, FDA itself came out to condemn the move. This was after realizing that more users were coming out in attempt to buy the product. This was even in situations that the particular users were and had not been diagnosed with any form of ED. It also should be remembered that the requirement for a prescription is a measure to ensure that patients never get to experience undesired or even fatal side effects.


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