From the very time that sildenafil was introduced into the market, a lot of measures have been developed to try manage the high prices associated with buying the pills. Soon after it was introduced, it became clear that not all users could afford it. Just think about it; how many people would afford to pay up to $500 a month for ED medications? Here, bear in mind that costs for other medications have not been included in this rough estimation. For years, the dilemma remained, until the generics versions of sildenafil arrived in the market too. From then, it was quite possible to effectively manage sildenafil 20 mg prices.

What are the formal sildenafil 20 mg prices?

Early in the 1990s when Pfizer only had the rights to control the prices of sildenafil, it was impossible to buy a pill of sildenafil 20 mg for less than $20. That is if you were to find a pharmacy to freely deliver your order. It has to be remembered that online trading was still primitive by then. As of 2013, sildenafil 20 mg cost dropped significantly. It was then possible to access the generic versions of the same. Here, sildenafil 20 mg prices ranged from as high as $3 to as low as less than dollar for every bought pill.

How to manage sildenafil 20 mg prices

Well, it never gets enough when it comes to saving. Even with the much lowered sildenafil citrate 20 mg cost, users and manufacturers still found it necessary to introduce more cost saving plans. They include:

  • Users always get the option to choose on the particular pills they are in need of. For example, professional sildenafil tablets will cost more than brand pills. The only difference is in the absorption rate and that the professional ones can be chewed. If a user cannot afford the extra charges, they can go for the lower priced brand pills.
  • The use of online pharmacies helped manage sildenafil 20 mg prices greatly. Users only need to place an order, which will then be delivered to them.
  • The introduction of free coupons, discounts and trial versions are a perfect way to manage sildenafil 20 mg prices. In fact, it has been said that users taking advantage of these options can save up to half or more on their sildenafil budgets.
  • It is now possible to buy more than 10 pills at once. It is even encouraged that users get to buy the many pills they can afford. It happens that if a user is buying 360 pills, they will probably pay less than a dollar for every pill. The same will not be the case for a buyer of 10 pills. For them, they will probably pay about $2.75 for ever pill.
  • The fact that generic versions of sildenafil tablets make use of a similar chemical agent brings about confidence in users. This has had a very great impact on the sildenafil 20 mg prices.


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