The acclaim about sildenafil being so successful in dealing with the many forms of ED has not been without a good cause. Not only is sildenafil the best-selling ED medication, it also is among the best-selling pharmaceutical medications. If you are to read more about the history of sildenafil development, you will find out that it used to be very rough for ED patients. For one, it was more of a taboo to talk about erectile dysfunctions in public or even to a doctor. Second, there were no medically tested remedies that had been officially cleared as treatments for the condition. All changed for better when sildenafil was introduced. However, this came with a cost, but not so a great one to pay. It required that users be having the correct information on the correct dosage to use. This was and still is the case especially for generic sildenafil citrate dosage.

What is the correct generic sildenafil citrate dosage?

As it is with any other chronic disease, the complexity of the erectile dysfunction gets to determine which the correct generic sildenafil citrate dosage for a particular patient is. Here, I am only discussing about sildenafil when being used to treat ED and not pulmonary hypertension. Below is a simple table for the correct generic sildenafil citrate tablets dosage:

  • 5 mg – 30 mg – Best for men with primary symptoms of ED. For example, it can be that a particular patient can achieve but not maintain the achieved erection for long. This light generic sildenafil citrate dosage will be the best.
  • 40 – 80 mg – Best for experienced users. In fact, most sildenafil users make use of this bracket of generic sildenafil citrate dosage. It is ideal for patients who have problems in achieving erections let alone maintaining it.
  • 100-200 mg – Best for patients with chronic forms of ED. This means that not only do the patients have problems in getting erections; they may also be having yet another form of ED lack of sexual desire. It is the heaviest dosage available. For this reason, users should always ensure to consult a doctor before taking it.
  • What are the recommendations for generic sildenafil citrate dosage?

    To ensure that only the desired effects have been achieved with generic sildenafil, the following recommendations have to be adhered to:

    • The particular dosage can only be repeated after 24 hours.
    • Patients should not take larger doses in cases that lower dosages have failed to work. It requires that the transition be gradual.
    • For a patient who has been prescribed to be taking a dosage in a particular bracket, they should ensure to stick onto that dosage until such a time that a doctor will direct otherwise.
    • Too much alcohol is not advised for. Still on the same, sildenafil does not interact very well with excessive fats. To get the best results, ensure that you eat foods rich in ready energy. This dosage works the best when taken about half an hour before engaging in active sex.


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